Swine Feed


ProPound is a new advanced canola meal that provides swine producers with a high quality protein option to meet their nutrition standards. ProPound is produced from new high protein canola seed created through traiditonal plant breeding which has the same high oil content as conventional canola. The key difference between ProPound canola and conventional canola is higher protein, greater digestibility and lower fiber content. The protein content of the meal is approxinately 44 percent;. It is closer in protein content to soybean meal (47 percent) than to conventional canola meal (37 percent) making it a cost-efficient alternative to soybean meal for swine diets.

For swine producers, ProPound Advanced Canola Meal offers cost savings by delivering lower ration costs with levels of protein and digestible amino acids comparable to soybean meal.

Cost Reduction and Economic Benefit

Using a least-cost feed formulation with a variety of feed ingredient pricing scenarios and in a variety of swine feeds, the opportunity price (shadow price) of ProPound is less than that of soybean meal, resulting in significant feed cost savings when ProPound is used, especially at high inclusion levels. This could work out to a reduced feed cost of several dollars per market pig.