ProPound Advanced Canola Meal

About ProPound

ProPound is a new advanced canola meal that provides animal producers with a high-protein option to meet their nutrition standards. ProPound has protein content comparable to soybean meal, high levels of digestible amino acids and energy, and low levels of fiber, making it a cost-efficient alternative to soybean meal for turkey and swine diets.

ProPound development process

In 2001, Dow AgroSciences began development on a new canola meal with one goal: to provide producers a cost-efficient alternative to soybean meal that could be used for poultry and swine diets. The canola meal would be developed by conventional plant breeding to have higher protein, lower fiber, higher energy and phosphorus, but at less cost than soybean meal. The result: ProPound Advanced Canola Meal.

The feed meal industry

The animal feed market in the United States uses approximately 50 million tons of protein meal per annum, with soybean comprising 26-30 million tons (55-60 percent) of the market. Corn by-products make up approximately 10 million tons and animal by-products and other vegetable oil meals make up 5-7 million tons each. In Canada, animal production consumes about 2.5-2.8 million tons of soybeans annually, with about 1.5 million tons of that being imported from the United States.

In poultry and swine production, soybean meal is typically the primary protein meal because of its profile of high protein and energy, and lower fiber content.

ProPound offers the feed meal industry a new alternative that provides high protein and energy, comparable to soybean meal, and low fiber content, making it a great addition to a poultry or swine diet.

Nexera and Omega-9 Oils

ProPound is a part of the Dow AgroSciences canola portfolio made from a high-yielding Nexera canola seed.

  • Omega-9 Oils, made from Nexera canola, are the new standard in today’s food industry. Demand for the heart-healthy Omega-9 Canola Oil is at an all-time high. It features zero trans fat, a long shelf life, and the nutritional advantages have resulted in the removal of over 1.5 billion pounds of trans and saturated fats from entering the North American diet.
  • Food brands, such as Frito-Lay, Boston Pizza, KFC, Jack in the Box and more, have made the switch to Omega-9 Oils. Growers are responding to this demand – finding that the higher-value, end-use product translates into higher profits at the farm level.

Dow AgroSciences

Dow AgroSciences has a long history of research in the agrochemical and plant genetics industry, as one of the six major research-based companies. Dow provides a variety of products and services to meet the needs of customers, and brings in strategic partners for research on breakthrough and sustainable solutions for the industry such as:

  • Innovative hybrids and seed varieties
  • Crop-enhancing traits
  • Crop protection products
  • Post-harvest commodity protection
  • Vegetation management solutions
  • Residential pest control
  • Turf and ornamental
  • Healthy Oils

Dow AgroSciences began as the plant sciences business of The Dow Chemical Company, which was founded in 1897. A joint venture with Eli Lilly and Company in 1989 created DowElanco. With a focus on sustainable agriculture, DowElanco combined the leading chemistries of The Dow Chemical Company with those of the Elanco agricultural division of Eli Lilly. In 1997, The Dow Chemical Company acquired full ownership of the business and named the business Dow AgroSciences. Today, it employs more than 9,000 people worldwide, and its 2014 global sales were $7.3 billion (U.S.).